Word Up Dog

A game of diggin' and spellin' by Sarah Northway

Word Up Dog Mobile

Now available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices of all shapes and sizes, it's a new word game from the creator of Rebuild. Not that it has anything to do with zombies or city-building. Word Up Dog is... different.

iPhone/iPad Android

It's a word game that lets you spell words like DAWG and RIZZLE and LOL and CANADA. A word game where instead of being given letters, you go out and dig them up. A word game where you explore, collect, and meet strange fellows like this guy:

Hint Hamster in the hizzy, Dawg.
If you wanna play the old Flash version for free, you can find it here.

About the game

I dreamt up Word Up Dog in a fey mood right after I finished Rebuild 1. I guess I needed a kind of unicorn chaser after all the zombies and the killing and the blood. I teamed up with Sara Gross of Two Bit Art to kick the graphics up a few notches for the mobile version.

This here is Mo' Monkey, Dawg.
Got questions? You can email the creator at SarahNorthway@gmail.com.



Word Up Dog is © 2013 Sarah Northway and Northway Games